Book Review: Shalom Sistas by Osheta Moore

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Shalom Sistas: Living Wholeheartedly in a Brokenhearted World, written by Osheta Moore, was published by Herald Press. I had the pleasure of being on Osheta’s launch team and received an e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Shalom Sistas is an invitation to live daringly and brightly in a world where it is easier to idolize our broken hearts as opposed to uplifting the good. Moore takes us on a personal journey, rooted in scripture and sass.

Moore is able to pull us into a narrative with a larger worldview while connecting it to her displacement as a result of Hurricane Katrina and many other stories like it. Her manifesto points hit home. You can write these down, hang them in your office, at home, or on your bathroom mirror. They are each a reminder of how the reader can live in shalom.

I connected deeply with her story of “getting too dark.” As a young girl, my parents would encourage me not to go outside because I was “getting too dark.” I would spend the month before school started, inside “lightening up.” There was never a shortage of remarks regarding my skin color. I was “lovingly” told I  looked Arabian or I could pass for the daughter of Joe John, a family friend.

“Seeing the beauty empowers us for our divine responsibility to protect bodies – all bodies, but especially those that are marginalized because they do not conform to a false picture of beauty” (Moore).

This is one area where we can become peacemakers for ourselves before making peace for others. Moore’s lighthearted tone and biblical knowledge are gifts she’s placed in the pages of Shalom Sistas. We even get a Red Beans and Rice recipe among others.

This book is for the woman looking to love herself and love others as God made her because “a Shalom Sista is a woman who looks for beauty in every person and calls it out because she is convinced that we are all image bearers of God.”

Grab your copy of Shalom Sistas! It makes a great gift for teens and women alike. You won’t regret it and you’ll get a good dance out of it!


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