Book Review: Play With Fire

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Bianca Juárez Olthoff is the Chief Storyteller at The A21 Campaign, a global anti-human trafficking organization. She is author of Play with Fire: Discovering Fierce Faith, Unquenchable Passion, and a Life-Giving God. 


Comparing her deliverance to the deliverance of the Israelites, Bianca made me feel like I could part the Red Sea in my most fashionable L.A. Gear. “Let my people go! And take your Keds with you!”

Bianca’s brilliant, conversational writing through her personal struggles with food, faith, relationships, and her own shortcomings, allowed the reader to whole-heartedly navigate through her life. Through a redemption made possible because she allowed God to move in her while she dared to play with fire.

At times God has to get our attention in the desert before He can speak to us in the fire of the Promised Land.  – Bianca Olthoff

We each have a unique purpose to fulfill; getting to that purpose can mean a sifting we’re not ready to endure. These are the exact times we question God’s ability to be enough for us. We question where He is because we feel completely abandoned. Bianca walks us through her sifting until she accepts she will have to dance in the flame to be free. And oh, what glory!

I promised God that if He would give me words, I would give him my voice. – Bianca Olthoff

Like my grandmother, Bianca learned to read at 11 years old. Her mother’s family and father were immigrants to our nation from Puerto Rico and Mexico, respectively. As a kid who lived on government cheese in San Antonio, Texas, I immediately identified with this woman who grew up in East Los (East Los Angeles) on ghetto fondue.

I prayed for a Latina to hit the shelves of Christian books. In the landscape of faith-writing, Latinas are nearly absent from the conversation. Much less our stories of struggle and revival. When I came across Bianca’s book on the Propel Women‘s Facebook feed, I nearly burst out of my chair.

I immediately reserved my copy at Barnes and Noble, took an early lunch break at work, and clutched this book to my chest as I walked out of the bookstore toward my car. I had hoped one day I would be that Latina breakout artist on the shelves of Christian writing, but like Selena paved the way for Tejana reynas, Bianca is paving the way for Latina faith writers.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic about this book and the truths it holds in remaining faithful to God’s promises, overcoming the odds of our own idolized drama, and elevating God in our everyday simplicity.

Our deliverance isn’t going to come from outside the furnace. The only way to get free is to go through the fire. – Bianca Olthoff

Is God refining you? Do you feel hollowed out and needing God to remind you He is still there despite the odds? Play with Fire will fill you up and spill you over with the power of the Holy Spirit.

(From the back jacket) You will discover:

  • The personal and powerful nature of the Holy Spirit
  • The power of surrender and transformation
  • The unique calling and purpose of the fire he’s placed within you

And all the humor and side splitting laughter is bonus material.

Grab your copy from your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Family Christian Stores, and Target. Her book club begins Monday (TODAY), September 12, 2016. More details here: Are You In Need of Transformation?

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