Book Review & Interview: The Dream of You by Jo Saxton

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This isn’t the life you expected or the one you dreamed of. Is it? In all the work you’ve put in to try to correct that, perhaps you’ve lost sight of who you are, whose you are, and what you’re living for. Jo Saxton is here to examine biblical figures, share her personal story, and gives you power to come out of hiding in The Dream of You.

Saxton is the daughter of Nigerian immigrants in the UK and knows how the world can turn our brokenness into an idol and give up our dreams of being who we were made to be. The Dream of You is here to allow you to reclaim your life and put you on the right path to who you were made to be, who you dreamt of being.

After having lived in America for over a decade, she realized that her survival meant she’d have to work harder to make this life worth it. This realization changed her.

“Those years had worn down my confidence and stunted my boldness. They’d left me acutely aware that I could not control life’s outcomes, no matter how hard I tried” (Saxton, 160).

She leans in to remind us of what Jesus said when we are weary and heavy with burden. She challenges us to ask where have we been defined by proving and striving?

I really enjoyed Saxton’s book. I would recommend this book to a woman who has lost her way and is willing to grab on to her life’s purpose in a bold and kind way. Pick up The Dream of You and gift it to your girlfriends. It’s great for a book club.

Enjoy this interview with Jo Saxton on The Dream of You.

What was the inspiration for The Dream of You?

 I met so many women, who are brilliant, talented, passionate and strong. Yet they were living like a shadow of their full selves. Life had happened to them, sometimes in devastating ways. Relationships and cultural stereotypes had limited them, defined them – even crushed them. I wanted women to have the opportunity to discover  and recover God’s dream for their identity and purpose, His Dream of you 

Why do you think The Dream of You is necessary?

We live from the inside out; we don’t live beyond what we believe about ourselves. IF we feel unworthy , inadequate, too much or not enough – that will affect how we build relationships, how we love, how we handle (or avoid) conflict, how we how we lead and engage with life. Its vital that we know who we are and what we’re living for. And that starts with knowing our Creator’s vision of us.

How did writing The Dream of You change or inform your perspective on your own faith journey?

Writing The Dream of You was challenging and healing at the same time. Challenging because it took me back to the broken places in my own story, calling me to face them again and invite God to redeem them. But yes it was healing too because I could see how far God has graciously brought me. And it built my courage and confidence to keep on pursuing all God has got for me,

What do you hope are the main takeaways for your readers?

I hope people will remember, or maybe realize for the first time that it’s not too late for a new beginning. That no matter where we’ve been,  we don’t have to stay defined by the experiences that have distorted or broken our identity, that God is still redeeming and rewriting our stories. My hope and prayer is that The Dream of You is a catalyst for some reflection-and soul work and healing. That reader reclaim their voice and potential , and live into their God-given purpose.

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