Book Review: One by Deidra Riggs

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Riggs asks, “How do we love God in a culture and context filled with people with whom we disagree?” One challenges us to understand the role we play as Christians in a political climate that is in desperate need of hope and unity.

“If we desire to emulate the ways of Jesus, we’ve got to make sure everyone is part of our vocabulary when we engage the world.”

I was especially drawn to the section on lament. Riggs breaks down the language and context where lament unfolds by using her visit to Ferguson as an example. This is where she tried to understand the plight of the people as everyone tried to make sense of the shooting.

Riggs was not afraid to tell us what it looks like to lament. This particular section washed me over with tears. For a Christian woman to write candidly about her experience in Ferguson and what it means to say Black Lives Matter burst forth some hope that we can come together somehow. Because lament looks like all of it, we must let people grieve and not tell them how they must grieve. God loves all of us. He even loves the people we do not agree with.

Although One is an important conversation for Christians to have, I feel the book played it safe. It didn’t dive too deeply into things that perhaps would cause people to feel uncomfortable.

“What more can be said of racism?”

One should be read by people deep in their Christian walk. If you are new to Christianity and would like an account of how to proceed with unity, this should not be the only book you pick up, but it should be one of them.

I enjoyed this book. I didn’t have any sudden revelations. I think the questions at the end are dire. The dialogue must ensue and One is a great conversation starter. It serves as a complimentary piece to many available resources on the history of racism and systemic oppression inherent in the founding of our nation.

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