Book Review: Craving Connection by (in)courage, Edited by Crystal Stine

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Craving Connection: 30 Challenges for Real Life Engagement, written by the (in)courage community and edited by Crystal Stine, is a heartfelt gem of short stories. I received this book as a free gift for the Five Minute Friday writing retreat. I was not required to write a review nor was I asked to.

Craving Connection contains 30 stories paired with connection questions and connection challenges. Each section is packed with biblical understanding and real life narratives. The rose and grey colors of the pages bring them alive and provide a tranquil reading experience. It is a hardcover book with beautiful typography.

I enjoyed how each narrative was relatable. In a world where connection is hard because of our fast-moving lives on social media, Craving Connection begs us to slow down to find Him in one another.

My favorite story is by Kate Motaung titled, “Loving Beyond the Gate,” where she challenges us to tear down our preconceived notions of others unlike ourselves. While living in South Africa, Kate encountered Angela standing at her gate time and time again in need. Kate was challenged to love beyond material goods. “…may we never be accused of being stingy with love” (p.227).

“Love is seeing and appreciating the reflection of God Himself in all who bear His image, no matter where they are in the world” (p.222).

Kate’s story and others make a strong case for the connection and love of Jesus. Seeing Him in our neighbor is imperative to break down the barriers we inadvertently put up.

I recommend this book to anyone craving a deeper connection to our disconnected world. These 30 stories will challenge us to turn off the TV and serve with our whole heart. It is a great book to give as a gift to teens, friends, parents, and loved ones. It would also make for a great study.

It was a great gift and I’m very appreciate to the Five Minute Friday community.

Purchase your copy here (affiliate link)!

Cover photo credit: Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash