Children’s Book Review: A Bedtime Yarn by Nicola Winstanley

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What a gorgeous book of connection with our dreams, and our knitting together of reality. A Bedtime Yarn by Nicola Winstanley and Illustrated by Olivia Chin Mueller knits together a story of dreams and overcoming unknowns.

Frankie is a sweet little Bear who, at bedtime, holds his mother’s yarn ball as she knits, on the other end, in the living room. He is afraid of the dark and holding the colorful yarn helps him feel more secure and connected. He imagines beautiful scenes with the vivid colors of the yarn.

“He cupped his palms around turquoise-and-cream speckled eggs… and gently patted a marmalade kitten” (Winstanley).

I am pleased the author chose to use colors that are not basic like red, blue, green. The author used vibrant, detailed colors like “morning-sky blue.” This easily captures the tone of the book through vivid imagination.

As the months pass, Frankie grows in maturity and is able to finally let go of the yarn ball. His mom replaced the yarn balls with a new color, an “invisible yarn.” He awakens to find what his mother knitted over the months.

What a treat for young readers, parents, and grandparents.

I highly recommend this book and cannot wait for its publication.

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Photograph from Penguin Random HouseĀ