At Your Service


I used to want my service plastered on a billboard.  Mira!  No me olvidé.  Look!  I didn’t forget.  I’m still serving and I can prove it.

I figured if it was plastered all over Facebook, no one would say that I “fell off.”  No one would ask, “I wonder if she’s still being faithful?”

Do you feel the same?  Do you feel like you have to constantly blast out to the world that you’re still doing good work?

When I try to please others before pleasing God, there’s a problem.   When I try to prove to others that I’m still Christian, I fail to kneel in humility to the one who deserves it. 

When I’m held accountable to another human being for my “good work,” I lose the entire message of what “good work” is.  I still struggle with getting off the stage of my own service.

The truth is, I don’t serve like you do porque no somos la misma gente.  We are not the same people. No matter the capacity of our service, it never goes unnoticed where it counts.

Some of us serve:

  • Quietly– Delivering meals to those in need
  • Loudly– Facebook knows it and there are retratos to prove it!
  • At Home – Transforming our familias from the inside out
  • In Church – Ministering to those who made it in today
  • On the Streets – Taking hope where some have not yet seen it

I am by no means saying that you should not share your service with others.  There is a definite motivation factor in sharing.  I’m saying that when you share your service because you feel you need to prove yourself to someone else, it becomes convoluted.

God doesn’t keep a running tally on when and where you serve.  Serve where you are called with your whole heart.  That is where you are most effective with your blessing.

Are you feeling less than because your service isn’t plastered on a billboard?  God says: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your corazon, as working for the Lord and not human masters.” – Colossians 3:23