Article Shares: All About Words

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Today, I just want to share a few articles which have inspired me this month. Grab your latte, let’s chat. I’ve got sugar.


Thanks to Christina Hubbard of Creative and Free for tweeting an article out to me on Annie Dillard.  I enjoyed it immensely.

After reading that article, I wanted to pull ribbons of words from my mouth to share with the world.  More on that later.

Sam Anderson says of Dillard, “From the start, this has been Dillard’s mission: to crowbar surprise, sentence by sentence, into all the tiny gaps of our ordinary experience.” Click here: Annie Dillard’s Impossible Pages in the New York Times.


Because I’m a lover of language and Jhumpa Lahiri’s words, this article had me finding new avenues to traverse when I become wrung out by writer’s block.

Always sit in prayer with the Most High, but be an active participant in how you proceed.

E.W. asks, “What is a writer without the language in which she writes?” And Benjamin Lee Whorf presses, “Since language is the medium through which writers represent the world, it is hard to discount the idea that a new language opens them up to new modes of representation.” Click here: Speaking in Tongues: Why Do Writers Abandon Their Native Language?


And I always love a great story about pen pals. Here’s one to surely light up your life.  As a blogger, writing back and forth with my blogging friends has created a friendship that I relish.  This writing ministry has been everything God intended it to be.

No matter where you are in life, God has you where he needs you.  For the time being.

Watch this video and share if you wish.  Pen Pals Finally Embrace With Tears After Writing for 38 Years (Video).


I can’t wait to meet some of my writing friends at She Speaks this summer.

I’m blessed to know you and am immensely grateful God has placed you in my path because of writing. Have a blessed week and light up someone’s life today.

Abrazos (Hugs),

Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros