An Invitation to Coffee and the Value in Shared Space

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I order the same brew from my local coffee shop on the daily. The only time I change it up is when my teenage daughter is with me and I want to impress her with my non-boring black coffee choice. The other time I mix it up is when I’m at home pretending to be an old fogey – I dabble between black coffee with almond milk, creamer, 1%, or whole. What can I say? I’ve become my grandfather. He takes his coffee extra goth. But don’t ask him what that means.

Coffee seems to spark morning conversation or barely coherent good mornings. I’d rather not invite you to my microbiota if I haven’t had a cup (or four). I realize the delicate balance between sharing spacing and coincidentally being in someone’s space. Like, “Oh I just happen to be here suffocating your thoughts. Don’t mind me.”

I’m big on hugs but I enjoy my vast force field of space, which doesn’t add up because my love language is “physical touch.” I’m a walking contradiction.

I’m getting there.

I’d like to challenge you: Open your space and share a cup of coffee with someone who prefers it goth or prefers it chai. This is often called breaking bread, but unless it’s gluten-free, you run the risk of losing friends to food poisoning symptoms. Err on the side of caution.

If you have a blog, ask them to guest post. If you have a Facebook group, invite them to join. Don’t be afraid anyone is going to one up you. Usually, the coffee is way different. If you both take it black, you might prefer wooden flavors and they may prefer Cuba’s mambo on their taste buds. There’s room for everyone.

What is the value in shared space?

Community Building

Building community is an integral part of navigating web presence. You’re not an island, and you shouldn’t be. You need some import and export if you’re going to build strong relationships with people.

Relationship Forming

We can always learn something about ourselves from someone else. Connections can rock your soul like nothing else. It is a sign of incredible respect and friendship to invite someone for tea. In my house, if you’re offered coffee, it’s an invitation to share space, love, and unity.

Comfort Shattering

It does a writer good to step out of her comfort zone. When you eliminate the bar of comparison, you’re sure to flourish in more ways than one. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Don’t let your uneasiness be the reason you miss out on the true value of shared space.

Applicable to many facets of our lives, shared space is a life force. Inviting your physical community to space where their voice may not otherwise be heard is monumental. Engaging in rich dialogue with someone who doesn’t share the same beliefs or life journey than us is paramount to bridging divides. Build your community, friend. We’re all in it together.

“Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace” Ephesians 4:3 (NIV).