A Former Cutter’s Devotion

Faith Grace Prayer

A trickle of light flows in and catches on my clothes. I pinch the light between my fingers, but grab only the cotton fray in my sweater. The speck of light continues to saturate. The paper clip I used to scrape my wrist lies next to me – I imagine it has absorbed the fear, the guilt, the pain.

I would have cut deeper, but then someone would notice…

Read the rest here: He Was There – He Never Left (Day 17)


Hey, friends. 

I’m over at both Anna and Debbie’s place today. I’m guest posting about miracles. Join me at Joy of the Spirit Within for her and Debbie’s, Write 31 Days October blog series on Miracles. The title there is, “He Was There – He Never Left (Day 17) (WordPress). 

It is also posted at Debbie Marrow’s place, Consider It All Joy, under the same title as it appears at Anna’s place. Article here (Blogspot).