3 Ways To Pray On The Go


I don’t have time to pray.  Story of my life.

Last week, I sped toward the local coffee shop in an effort to enjoy my Tiger Spice Chai before I arrived at work for an 8 o’clock meeting. I was late anyway.


When I finally reached the conference room, out of breath, I blurted, “I don’t have enough time!  Where did it all go?”  As if time were a well that suddenly refused to give more water.

This is often how my days begin and end.  Rushing keeps me pinned in a cycle of excuses of why I can’t make time to pray.


As a result of the rush I feel guilty about scheduling time for things that bring me joy: writing, watering the plants, or finally sitting down to read.  Do you feel guilty about making time for the “other” joys in your life?

Prayer isn’t simple.

Prayer is courageous.

Prayer is the acknowledgement of my relationship with Christ and I must make time for it.


Here are three areas of my life where I recently began to put prayer into regular practice:

1.      Before the second snooze.  Snooze limit: One!

Rolling out of bed is unnecessary.  Thank You are the first words I allow myself to speak.

2.      While doing laundry.  Load 7:  Get behind me, Satan!

Every threaded garment is a reminder that I am clothed.  Where my sweaters are plenty, there is someone yearning for warmth.

3.      On the drive to work.  Yield!

I can establish a valuable prayer connection when I turn down my radio for a few minutes.  It takes me an hour to get to work post Tiger Spice Chai.

When I pray I make way for blessings in my life.  When I pray I protect my heart from negativity.  When I pray I establish a direct connection with God.

What three areas of your life can be immediately rearranged to make time for prayer?  Get creative if necessary.