21-Day Fast: A Dare to Unplug and Rediscover Happiness


I answered a challenge to fast for 21 days.

I prayed for hours on what to fast from. Facebook was the one glaring and biggest piece of soul-sucking, joy-killing, time-absorbing media outlet. I decided I would FB fast for 21 days.


I still posted to Instagram. My family would still be able to see pictures of the kids because my Insta is linked to FB. I still tweeted because I love my readers and appreciate them so. Neither avenue sucked me in like FB has for so long.

I still checked into my FB groups:

  • Women’s writing group
  • Agent group I’d like to represent me and my book
  • Leader’s group for Compel Training

I was tempted to navigate to my personal page but refrained. Before I knew it, I didn’t really care to.

I don’t know if I want to come back.

Below is what I found monumentally beautiful in 21 days while I remained unplugged. Grab your cup of joe. Walk with me.


Day 1: Helped a stranded friend

On the very day I started to truly unplug, I messaged a friend to contact me via text because I was (that very second) getting off of messanger. She responded she was stranded and the rest was a beautiful call to connect and to do so gathered around a living room with family and laughter.

Day 2: Read new poetry at Sabina’s Coffee House

I didn’t even check in, y’all. I was VERY tempted. 

Day 3: Dove into the book of Micah. Rise up!

A great book of the Bible to read if you’re fired up about politics.

Day 4: Invested in writing by attending a webinar

Thank you for the tips, Hope Writers!

Day 5: Began a book proposal

For real this time!

Day 6: Noticed more of my husband’s awesome

Day 7: Started tackling my spiritual warfare

Because a week without being sucked into a vortex truly makes you wrestle with who you are.


Day 8: Was completely in the moment of people’s questions and celebration on my first day back to work after maternity leave

Day 9: Took a prayer walk

I started an afternoon tradition as I become more intentional about work life and soul work.

Day 10: Wrote and mailed thank you postcards

Day 11: Began writing love notes to my readers

Handwritten to say the least. I post them from now until the 28th on my Instagram.

Day 12: Channeled my inner James Brown – Danced in the halls at work

You had to be there! I was throwing perm all over everyone’s attitude… Relax!

Day 13: Rest (inner and outer)

Day 14: Lunch with a co-worker of a different religion. It ended in beautiful tears and a soul full of hope.

This was the day I realized how disconnected I had been to the world around me. Checking in wasn’t even on my mind. I didn’t know how much I craved that sort of intimacy. 


Day 15: Read The Broken Way

If you haven’t picked up Ann Voskamp’s poetic drippings, please do. It is honey for your mending soul.

Day 16: Planned a blog series

It kicks off on March 5th. Don’t miss it!

Day 17: Rejoiced over receiving free books in the mail (stay tuned for another giveaway in March!)

Day 18: Interview with Micah Bournes!

Y’all just don’t even know!! He kicks off my series, Begin Again, in March!

Day 19: Had deep conversations with my Muslim friend and my Hindu friend

I believe we connected in a profound way. A way that catapults us all forward as we begin to learn and understand each other on a personal level and not just a superficial level. I’m so grateful.

Day 20: Allowed someone to help me carry my bags to my car without fear because they were different from me

This is another blog post because it is deeply pressed into my heart. I was grateful my teenager was a witness to how amazing humanity can be.

Day 21: Truly processed whether going back to FB would be possible

I went back. In tiny doses. I hid everyone and everything from my timeline. My timeline is the most boring space on the virtual planet and I love it.

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